Ecoprinted merino scarf Eucalyptus


100% biological merinowool scarf , 180 x 35 cm, ecoprinted with Eucalyptus.

Our ecoprinted scarfs are like a hug of nature
lightweight, super soft and comfortable, breathing and cool on warmer days while providing cosy warmth on chilly evenings.
Due to the unique composition of pigments in leafs, each ecoprinted item is one of a kind.
The ecoprinting proces is 100% natural; no synthetic chemicals are used.

After the ecoprint process the scarf has been washed with ecover wool detergent.

Care instructions : Hand wash with a mild detergent and iron if needed.

Allthough Marez uses light- and washfast pigments,  ecoprints and dyes can change and fade slowly over time. To slow this proces, store your items away from direct sunlight.

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